30 Mar, 2013 in Boston
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Boston Insitute of Art (2).JPG

One of the largest museums in the United States and among the most popular in the world is the Boston Museum of Fine Arts. On my way to a visit in the nearby Northeastern University campus, I decided to make a short visit and tour around some of the more contemporary collections the fine arts […]

Bird market - Kowloon (3).JPG

I can’t really say that this is one of my favorite markets in Hong Kong, but since it’s close to the Hong Kong flower street market I also take them to see the Bird Market. It is, after all, part of the local culture.   What you can expect to see are a …

Pavilion of Future - Taipei Expo (2).JPG

I wasn’t entirely sure why they would call a flowers and plants exhibition the "Pavilion of the Future" but the elderly English speaking volunteers did a fair job of explaining the promotion of green sustainability in Taiwan to try and build a better future. Pavilion of Future is one of the few pavilions …

Pirate & Treasure Museum Saint Augustine (14).JPG

After you’ve seen your fair share of arts and history museums I’ve come to develop a special appreciation for those odd little specialty museums that cover themes usually not explored by the bigger museums. Saint Augustine has a good example – a museum dedicated to pirates – the Saint Augustine Pirate & Treasure Museum (previously […]

Castello San Filipe del Morro Old San Juan (13).JPG

I really wasn’t expecting San Juan, the Puerto Rican capital, to be this nice. It’s not only that it enjoys a strategic location next to the sea with some really fine beaches, it also has some fascinating historical sites that are still very well preserved. In the San Juan old city is El …

Ponce Museum of Art (1).JPG

Not sure what you expect when you think of Puerto Rico but I’ll take a wild guess that a world class arts museums probably doesn’t rank high on your list. Well, you’d be surprised. The Museo de Arte de Ponce is considered one of the finest arts museums in the region, with remarkable collections of […]

Longue Vue House & Gardens New Orleans (15).JPG

The Longue Vue House is a city mansion near New Orleans. I imagine most people probably prefer to visit plantations in that area, but on the way back from visiting the Destrehan Plantation I was looking for something quick in the area and the Longvue estate came up as a recommendation on my Google map. […]

Beit Guvrin National Park (50).JPG

There are hidden gems all throughout Israel. There aren’t that many other areas in the world where you have so much so see in such a tiny piece of land. Though it’s where I grew up, I have to shamefully admit that I haven’t really seen much. But my sister has, and oh boy does […]

Leonard Cohen Live Performance : Brooklyn

On my recent visit to New York City I was staying in a small artist apartment near Prospect Park in Brooklyn. Lady luck was good to me that week as I found out that Leonard Cohen – one of the living legends whose music I grew up on – was performing at the Brooklyn Barclays […]

Robot Exhibition SYSMH Taipei (39).JPG

One of the most common complaints I remember from expats in Taiwan was about the lack of cultural events. My last visit to Taipei showed that there’s actually quite a lot going on in Taipei. On my very short visit I saw two pavilions from the Taipei Expo (Pavilion of Future and Angel Life), …

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