Destrehan Plantation New Orleans (17).JPG

If you want to get a feel for real southern life a century or two ago, then the New Orleans area has a good collection of plantations for you to choose from. Being on a bit of a time constraint I chose the one closest to New Orleans – the Destrehan Plantation, though not as […]

Goodwood Museum and Gardens Tallahassee (34).JPG

Looking for something a bit different to do in Tallahassee? I strongly recommend a visit to a plantation. I know, it was a bit of a surprise for me as well, but there are a few plantations in the Tallahassee area, and they are generally quite well preserved and a pleasure to explore.   …

Lake Michigan walk - Chicago (14).JPG

Chicago is perhaps one of the nicest urban surprises I’ve had in recent years. Coming in for a conference visit I honestly wasn’t sure what to expect but Chicago has far exceeded any expectations I had. May provided me with perfect weather to enjoy all that Chicago has to offer – wonderful urban …

Ningxia Night market Taipei (23).JPG

One of the must experiences of traveling in Taiwan is the night market culture. There are the nightmarkets that most tourists visit in Taipei – Shilin and Shida perhaps being the most famous of those, and then there are the smaller Taipei night markets. A CS Taiwanese visitor I took hiking around the …

Lin An Tai House & Museum Taipei (10).JPG

It’s quite remarkable just how many terrific specialty museums Taipei has. I recently came across MKL’s "List of Museums in Taipei" covering many of my recent discoveries and much much more and it just blows your mind. In my last visit to Taipei I made it my mission to get off the beaten …

Huashan Creative Park 1914 Taipei (2).JPG

Taipei’s push for more arts and culture is really showing throughout the city. In the last few years the local government has transformed previously run-down factory space into a happening bustling space for local artists and interesting exhibitions. Songshan Cultural District, the Taipei  Treasure Hill Artist Village and even the Taipei City Hakka Cultural Center. […]

Lego Exhibition Songshan Cultural District Taipei (6).JPG

In the last few years Taipei has really been pushing culture and arts forward with the establishment of various arts villages art districts across Taipei. In my recent visit to Taipei I counted atleast five new such areas, all bustling with with creativity, ongoing festivals  and interesting visiting exhibitions. A good example of such a […]


Ask most people what the capital of Florida is and you’ll find very few know it’s Tallahassee. With a population of around 200,000 people, it’s smaller than Miami, Jacksonville and Orlando, especially if you take into consideration the extended urban areas and outlaying suburbs. How Tallahassee came to be Florida’s capital is an interesting story, […]


The nicest surprise, by far, from my visit to Boston was discovering the outlaying islands. Turns out, that Boston is surrounded by a series of islands declared national parks and that there are island hopping boat tours for very cheap that you take to explore those islands. Sure, people know about the Boston freedom trail […]

Hakka Culture Centre Taipei (16).JPG

Minutes away from Gongguan and the Treasure Hill Artist Village & Treasure Hill Temple I came across a recently opened attraction in Taipei – the Taipei City Hakka Cultural Centre. You can tell it’s still fresh – exhibitions are brand new with some floors and buildings still under construction, so the entire complex is still […]

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