30 Jan, 2013 in Florida
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Daytona Beach (35).JPG

Priding itself to be the "world most famous beach" Daytona Beach is perhaps most well known for its Nascar racing events, but, I’d have to say, the stretch of beach I stayed next to was absolutely gorgeous.   I was lucky, the weather was perfect with unbelievable skies and just the right …

Pensacola Beach - Florida (18).jpg

Florida has some really wonderful beaches, and some of the best Florida beaches are concentrated in the north western belt. On a surprise visit to Pensacola to accompany my host professor who was giving a lecture about his recent book to the IHMC about Willpower we visited the beautiful Pensacola Beach the next morning. White […]

Mardi Gras - New Orleans (16).JPG

Mardi Gras, or "Fat Tuesday", is a crazy carnival season taking place across the former French colonial cities around the US – New Orleans being the capital of French culture in the states. The festivities go on for nearly a month with all sorts of wild carnival parades across town featuring satirical trucks (floats), strange […]

Angle Life Pavilion - Expo Taipei (4).JPG

Back in 2011, when I visited the Taipei International Flora Exposition, it was crazy. The lines were absolutely insane, and to see the highly popular Pavilion of Dreams I had to line up from 5am and sleep on site till the ticket distribution opened. Because of that, I missed out on some really great pavilions. […]

Harvard Museum of Natural History (34).JPG

Connected to the Peabody Museum of Archaeology & Ethnology at the Harvard University is another fine Harvard museum dedicated to natural history. As you can expect from Harvard, it was pretty impressive for a university museum. Being a natural history museum it sadly offers the disturbing  stuffed animals on display as well as …

Art Institute - Chicago (26).JPG

To balance the last two visits to contemporary arts museums (Boston & Taipei), here’s a wonderful arts museum in Chicago. I visited this museum following a very pleasant and informative skyscraper architecture tour that left from across the street from the arts institute. From that tour, the first thing a visitor notices about the museum […]

20 Jan, 2013 in Taipei
Museum of Contemporary Art Taipei (1).JPG

With every visit I made to Taipei, and there were quite a few of those, I somehow never got around to visiting the one Taipei museum I’ve always wanted to see – the Taipei Museum of Contemporary Art. As I wrote about the visit to the Boston Institute of Contemporary Art there’s something I really […]

16 Jan, 2013 in Boston
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The Institute of Contemporary Art - Boston (12).JPG

Over the years I’ve developed an increasing fondness of contemporary art museums. The more traditional art museums have their appeal too, ofcourse, but with those I usually know what to expect – a few highlights of Picasso, some Chagall, maybe some Dali and then endless other artists from the past 400-500 years I know very […]

Lake Michigan walk - Chicago (53).JPG

The first thing I did after arriving in Chicago and putting down my things was to head over to the lake-side and stroll along the lake towards the city. My lovely host family were located at the adorable boys-town East Lakeview, only two blocks away from the water and so I was there within minutes, […]

Saint George Island (9).JPG

Though Tallahassee is not on the water, an hour or two drive away are some of Florida best beaches. On one sunny cold weekend I finally made it to the coast line and visited Saint George Island.   Here’s what Wikitravel has to say about the island: St. George …

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