My 2012 : Year Summary

So what did 2012 look like? to me this was a year focused around academia. After settling down into the PhD program and generally figuring out what my research directions are, my travels were mostly around the places where my academic journey has led me.   Since I’m always behind on my blogging …

New York City Central Park

New York City is everything I remembered it to be and much more. Last time I was in NYC as a tourist, it was 2001 just after 9/11 to visit a friend studying in Julliard, and it was a bit depressing, so this was my chance to relive NYC as a tourist and during the […]

Forbidden city Beijing (7).JPG

I finally made it to Beijing. It took over three years of living in Hong Kong but it finally happened, and I have my father to thank for that. Beijing was our last stop in a trip that started in Hong Kong, went up north to the Shanghai-Nanjing-Suzhou area and then all the way up […]

Ming tombs - Beijing (17).JPG

Having to decide which side of the Great Wall you’d like to see, the Badaling tour includes an extra bonus – a visit to the Ming tombs. I’d generally recommend staying away from Badaling and go the less crowded parts of the wall, but visiting the Ming tombs is definitely worthwhile, if you can somehow […]

Forbidden city Beijing (2).JPG

If there was ever any place that I’ve really wanted to visit in China long before I ever knew what China was really about, it was probably Beijing – with its Great Wall of China and the Forbidden City. The many Chinese movies that I’ve watched featuring Chinese emperors and Chinese politics taking place in […]

19 Dec, 2012 in Suzhou
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Around Suzhou (10).JPG

Suzhou is famous for its canals. There are ancient Venetian style canal streets in Suzhou that date back 1200 years – Pingjiang (平江路) and Shantang streets (山塘街) and offer a glimpse of Suzhou’s former grandeur. Many of the famous Chinese poets and painters have works of art dedicated to the beauty of those Suzhou canals. […]

Hong Kong & Shenzhen 2011-12 Bi-city Biennale of Urbanism Architecture-007.JPG

Hong Kong’s been doing a good job of reinventing the British colonial buildings around Tsim Sha Tsui. The prestigious 1881 Heritage next to the Peninsula Hotel is a nice recent example, but if you go a bit further back in time and a bit north on the HK map you’ll see they were also able […]

Jingshan Park - Beijing (2).JPG

Feng Shui is important in China, especially back in the days, but if you can’t really find the right spot for your palace why not change the environment to match what you need? and so they did. According to the principles of Feng Shui the Forbidden City – the imperial palace and residence – needs […]

798 Art District Samsung camera launch event (13).JPG

Promotion works. Atleast it seems like it works on me. Not that I would admit it, ofcourse, but here you have it – a post in a travel blog that features a new Samsung camera. I’d call that successful advertising. Walking around the wonderful 798 arts district in Beijing I saw a grand …

National Centre of the Performing Arts Beijing (6).jpg

To taste a bit of Beijing’s selection of culture and arts we decided on a night at the opera. Beijing recently completed a magnificent National Centre for the Performing Arts just in time for impress the masses coming in for the Beijing Olympics in 2008. It’s an impressive display of modern architecture with a gigantic […]

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