Xingtian Temple Taipei (5).JPG

Knowing Taipei as well as I do it’s somewhat surprising I never got around to visit one of Taiwan’s most popular temples – Xingtian Temple. In my recent visit to Taipei I finally remedied that, and after a visit to the nearby remains of the Taipei Flora Expo I walked a few blocks and made […]

Summer Palace Beijing (11).JPG

The Beijing Summer Palace is quite the attraction. Perhaps aside from the surprising 798 art district this is probably the place I enjoyed the most during my visit to Beijing. It just has so much to offer – a UNESCO heritage mountain-top palace offering scenic views of the nearby lake, accompanied by lots of history […]

Gulangyu Island - Xiamen (228).JPG

There are many small treasures and hidden gems in the lovely Gulang island in Xiamen. One of the attractions is Shuzhuang Garden, which is an extension of a villa once owned by a Taiwanese businessmen and has some pseudo classical Chinese influences.     There are a few …

Puppet museum Taipei (14).JPG

To continue the tour of lesser known museums in Taipei (see previous posts on Museum of Drinking Water and Miniatures Museum) I visited a puppet museum at the Puppetry Art Center of Taipei. At the time I visited it seemed I was the only person there and the lack of English suggested that there aren’t […]

Water Park Museum Taipei (3).JPG

I consider Taipei to be my old home. Since I’ve come to know Taipei quite well and have probably visited most of the famous travel attractions, on my last visit to my old hometown I tried to find new "out of the beaten track" places that might be interesting for someone like me who knows […]

Architecture tour Chicago - modern skyscrapers (112).JPG

Chicago has exceeded all my prior expectations. I must admit that when I first heard that APS was in Chicago I was a bit disappointed – somehow my vision of Chicago was distorted by all the dark movies and TV series I’ve seen about the city. I’m so glad I took the time to overstay […]

Bei Hai Park - Beijing (31).JPG

Of all the wonderful things Beijing has to offer the ones that had the most lasting impression on me about the visit to Beijing were the parks, the gardens and the general use of public space. Beijing has a quite a few nice parks with various attractions to explore (see my previous posts about Chaoyang […]

Gulangyu Island - Xiamen (153).JPG

I know a thing or two about Zheng Cheng Gong (鄭成功 o Koxinga)  and it mainly has to do with the time I spent in Tainan-Taiwan where Cheng Gong is considered somewhat of a local hero for driving away the Dutch colonists.  Since Xiamen is probably as close as you can get in mainland to […]

Cambugahay Falls - Siquijor (14).JPG

Perhaps the most famous spot on Siquijor island are the Cambugahay Falls (not to be confused with Lugnason Falls) are the central-southern side of the island. They’re picture perfect. We’re talking clear blue waters flowing down from the island mountains in a three tiers of cool pristine water pools.   On a …

4 Sep, 2012 in Chicago
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Lincoln Park Zoo - Chicago (4).JPG

If you’re thinking – not another zoo, just hold on – this Chicago Lincoln Park Zoo is worth mentioning for a number of reasons. It’s public and therefore free, being part of the larger lovely Lincoln Park, it’s one of the oldest zoos in the nation, and it’s a very pleasant zoo to walk through. […]

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