Bank of China Tower - Central - HK (2).JPG

If you want to go up to see Hong Kong from above but don’t feel like having to pay anything to a tourist trap or a pricey drink in a skyscraper bar, then there are other options available to you around Hong Kong. One of the nicer lesser known options is the observation deck of […]

Sky100 HK 002.JPG

If you’re looking for truly panoramic views of Hong Kong, then it would make sense that the best place for that would be Hong Kong’s tallest tower – the International Commerce Centre, which just so happens to be located in one of Hong Kong’s best locations overlooking Victoria Harbour. With all the new skyscrapers popping […]

Shanghai Pudong (11).JPG

The Oriental Pearl TV & Radio Tower is probably one of the oddest looking skyscrapers in the world. Took me some time to warm up to it, and I remember that upon first look I thought it’s utterly ugly and that it destroyed the Shanghai skyline, but when you think about it – it’s actually […]

St Regis Hotel Shenzhen (15).jpg

There are days when the beauty of Shenzhen really shines, and when a day like that finally happens, make your way to Shenzhen’s new Kingkey 100 skyscraper and head up to the Saint Regis Hotel bar on the 97th floor. You’re in for a real treat.     (The …

Museum of Science and Technology - Chicago (1).JPG

Chicago has some world class museums, and the Museum of Science and Industry is a good example for that. After my visit to the University of Chicago campus near Hyde Park area, I took a stroll towards the east to visit the museum.   One of the first remarkable features of this …

Grand Harbor HK handover fireworks (1).jpg

Hong Kong fireworks can get really spectacular and there are a few chances for you to catch that in Hong Kong throughout the year. Myself, I think I’ve seen the fireworks half a dozen times already, maybe more, from different places. New years from Kowloon, China’s birthday I think it was from Central ferry pier, […]

Far East Museum - Ramat Gan (40).JPG

This was an unexpected surprise. While walking around the streets of Ramat Gan I stumbled upon a museum that I honestly think I’m one of the few Israelis who would find it interesting – the Museum for Far East Art. It’s not a very big museum, but it is bigger than what I expected for […]

India Town Toronto (16).JPG

One of the great things I liked about Toronto was the diversity of cultures. Toronto has several neighborhoods with distinct cultural aromas, with a China Town, a Greek area, a prominently Jewish, etc. I was taken to explore and dine at Gerrard Street, which hosts lots of central Asian immigrants, mainly from India and Pakistan, […]

Medical Sciences Museum Sheung Wan (14).jpg

After over three years in Hong Kong I’m slowly running out of new museums to visit. But, still, every once in a while I happen to stumble upon a new HK local treat I haven’t seen before, and so one day as I was walking around Sheung Wan I saw a sign pointing to the […]

Museum Campus - Chicago (61).JPG

Chicago is a beautiful city and one of the nicest places to appreciate the Chicago skyline is from the Museum Campus. It’s a lovely area, which includes some of Chicago’s best museums – the Field Museum of Natural History, the Adler Planetarium, and the Shedd Aquarium. I was lucky to visit the campus on a […]

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