Dumaguete - Twin Lakes (36).JPG

Most likely the best day-trip away from Dumaguete is Twin Lakes. It’s a long trail going up from the sea into the mountains and high into dense forests with spectacular views finally revealing Lake Balinsasayao and its twin lake Lake Danao.     I rented a motorbike at Dumaguete, …

Bohol Town (10).JPG

As I was traveling around Bohol on a motorcycle, Bohol was one of the stops along the way. Famous for its floating restaurants and the longer Loboc river cruises, I decided to take a short break to explore the area after my visit to the Tarsier sanctuary nearby. While I’m not sure I would recommend […]

25 May, 2012 in Nanjing
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Nanjing Xuanwu Lake (1).JPG

The Nanjing Xuanwu Lake at night is China at its best. Subtle lighting, romantic atmosphere, long walking paths without any cars, a few pagodas and Chinese like decorations, the growing Nanjing skyline in the background, and you’ve got a winner. It’s lovely walking around in the evening – couples walking about hand in hand, healthy-looking […]

Xi Tang (71).JPG

Xi Tang, one of the water-town daytrips away from Shanghai, has a lot of local attractions to complement the lovely water canals. I spent an entire day with an open ticket to all the local sightseeing attractions.   The official Xitang website has a good summary of all the places, so I’ll just …

798 art district Beijing (1).JPG

With so much to see in Beijing, you’d think I would have a hard time picking my favorite area. I don’t. After only a short while walking around the 798 Beijing art district it became clear to me this is – by far – my favorite spot in Beijing, and nothing that I saw afterwards […]

Dong Hua Men Night Market Beijing (41).JPG

Care for some delicious cockroaches? snails? perhaps a scorpion or two? no? a skinned turtle, maybe? or a bat? or possibly a can of yummy worms? The Dong Hua Men night market in Beijing is overwhelming. It’s like a horror movie, we – foreigners and locals – love to go see it so that …

Pak Tam Chung Nature Trail (16).JPG

On a blazing hot summer day, I took a sweet and adventurous couch-surfer to hike in Sai Kung. As a preview to the one of the best hiking trails in Hong Kong – the Maclehose Stage 1 and 2 (Tai Long Wan) – we started out with Pak Tam Chung Nature Trail. The main reason […]

Where We Stand : Yoav Horesh Photo Exhibition at JCCAC

Yoav Horesh, an Israeli photographer teaching photography in SCAD Hong Kong  – who also happens to be a dear friend, is having a photography exhibition in Hong Kong. The exhibition, called "Where We Stand" takes a look at how people perceive and relate to public space. The exhibition is together with another SCAD member – […]

Tarsier Sanctuary in Bohol (8).JPG

They’re the world’s smallest primates, and they’re only to be found in the Philippines. After renting a motorcycle at Tagbilaran City I headed east, to Corella, to visit one of the local tarsier sanctuaries.     Though it might look big in the photos, it’s tiny. It’s about the …

Nanjing China Gate (3).JPG

There was once a grand wall that surrounded Nanjing – once a Chinese capital city. Yet, with all that’s been going on in China during the 20th century the wall has seen a lot of wars and destruction, yet some still remains. Gate of China is probably your best chance to experience some of that […]

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