crazy fire massage - Xiamen-011.JPG

This has got to be the strangest massage I’ve done yet, and I’ve been to all sorts of weird things. While visiting a foot massage in one of the large massage chains in China they insisted that their upgraded foot massage package is world famous and guaranteed to fix whatever the hell is wrong with […]

Ben Gurion Residence - Sde Boker (8).JPG

Every country seems to have the need to raise former leaders to a hero status to be remembered and admired. Ben Gurion, the first Israeli prime-minister was definitely an interesting figure. He made some tough calls during the British rule of the area and the first days of the Israeli nation that were not without […]

Shit People Say to Expats Visiting Back

In the spirit of the lovely trend of “Shit girls say…” or “Shit people say…” and seeing that my “Sh*t Hong Kong People Say to White Guys” “Sh*t People Say to Bloggers” and “Sh*t People Say to PhD Students” were able to get a few positive responses, I sat down to quickly write down …

HKUST MGMT 2011 Christmas Boat Trip (44).JPG

I’m quite blessed. The small university I’m currently with – HKUST – is located on a mountain ridge overlooking the Sai Kung Peninsula with some of the best scenic views of any university anywhere in the world. Campus reaches all the way down to the water, so we have two little beaches and our very […]

M50 - Shanghai (12).JPG

The Shanghai art scene is hustling and bustling with action, or atleast so I’m told by friends who know something about art, and so in my visit to Shanghai I decided I should get a taste of all that. M50 (50 Moganshan Road) is one of the very impressive arts districts I visited on my […]

Avdat - Negev (14).JPG

Avdat, an ancient city at the heart of the Israeli Negev dating back to 7th century BC was built by the Nabataeans – the world famous traders based in Petra (one of newly announced wonders of the world) who built magnificent thriving cities in the middle of the bare desert. Since the Nabataeans it’s also […]

Arts Park - Siquijor (21).JPG

For some people it’s the food, for some it’s the natural scenery, for some it’s the tourist attractions, or maybe the general feel of the place. For me, it’s probably those little odd encounters with local culture and people that I remember the most about my travels.   While riding my motorbike around …

Baltimore Fort McHenry (6).JPG

Travel is usually a time for me to reflect about things I usually don’t have time to think about in everyday life. In most times, if I really put my mind into understanding things, it’s very likely that I find things that will surprise me.   Fort McHenry in Baltimore is where …

Seoul Grand Park (64).JPG

Simply put, another supersized zoo meets amusement park surrounded by nature – Korean style. Not sure this is what I’d recommend culture addicts roaming Korea for local experience but if you’re already in the area to visit the nearby parks and museums (e.g. National Museum of Contemporary Art) or you’ve got kids, then this would […]

Sh*t People Say to Bloggers

In the spirit of the lovely trend of "Shit girls say…" or "Shit people say…" and seeing that my "Sh*t Hong Kong People Say to White Guys" and "Sh*t People Say to PhD Students" were able to get a few positive responses, I sat down to quickly write down some of the sh*t people usually […]

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