Shenzhen : Massage & SPA

There’s an added bonus to living in Hong Kong that most people not from region are not aware of. An hour away from almost any point in Hong Kong are endless options for terrific SPAs and massage places that are both generally high quality, quite affordable and very relaxing. Cross the border to Shenzhen, and […]

So what did 2011 look like? to me, this was a year of general stability compared with previous years. As I enter my third year of PhD and in Hong Kong, things have become strangely familiar and oddly routine, which is something I was sort-of looking forward to after years of moving around and trying […]

Shanghai - Bund

Shanghai’s a whole different China. It’s what modern China looks like – fast paced, hectic, ever growing – constantly evolving, with a unique blend of contrasting cultural aromas that make it almost impossible for the temp tourist to understand. I’ve been to Shanghai twice and in those two times I’ve experienced …

SYSMH Taipei (4).JPG

Taipei is one of my favorite cities. Can’t really explain why, but it was love at first sight and what got me hooked up on wanting to live in Taiwan and get to know more about Taiwanese culture. Over the years, I’ve been to most of what people would consider the top tourist attractions, with […]

Kimchi Museum - Seoul (8).JPG

Do you like Kimchi? Though my ability to endure any sort of spicy cuisine is extremely limited, somehow – Kimchi is one of those things I can’t seem to get enough of. Outside Korea we tend to mainly focus on one typical sort of Kimchi, but soon after arriving in Korea you realize that Kimchi […]

Panglao Island Bohol (41).JPG

Panglao Island, just off of Bohol, is probably what we all want to see when we go on vacation. Most of the beaches are picture perfect, clear blue waters next to shinning white sand with the coconut trees hanging up above in just the right angle. Really, it’s as beautiful as it comes and it’s […]

Namsan Hanok Village - Seoul (12).JPG

I’ve always had mixed feelings about folk villages. On the one side, I’m really curious about other cultures, especially the minority cultures within the Asian countries that I visit. On the other side, you can’t escape the feeling that what those folk villages do is reduce the culture into the shallowest tourist-oriented stereotypes employing local […]

LKF carnival - HK (32).JPG

Lan Kwai Fong, the party center of Hong Kong, keeps coming up with new events to attract people. It seems like there’s always something going on. October was Oktoberfest, so we got a whole month month of German beer parties. Before that in July we had the Music and Beer Fest, in May the Beer […]

Washington DC Zoo (13).JPG

When it comes to museums and parks, very few cities in the world can compete with Washington DC on quality and variety. The mysterious Smithsonian Institution, whatever and however it came to be, has done wonderful things for the cultural and artistic attractions of the American capital. It’s overwhelming, really, how they are able to […]

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