Neve Tzedek - Tel Aviv (1).JPG

Suppose that you have just one day to show Tel Aviv to a visiting foreigner friend, what would you show? To me, there’s little doubt that the loveliest place to start from in Tel Aviv after the gorgeous nearby old city of Jaffa, is the neighborhood of Neve Tsedek. In Neve Tsedek, I allow myself […]

Secret HK - Kwun Tong (10).JPG

When you think of a place to visit in Hong Kong, Kwun Tung probably wouldn’t make it to your list. Why would it? It’s just an old industrial area with run-down factories and the occasional so-so mall. But behind every neighborhood hides a special story, and once – like me – you’re a bit tired […]

18 Nov, 2011 in Siquijor
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Kagusuan Beach - Siquijor (2).JPG

There are beaches, and there are beaches. When it comes to a beach, there’s only so far that the beach can offer that’s different from the other beaches. When you’re at the Philippines, on a small island that’s already a bit off the beaten tourist track, most chances are that the beaches are already very […]

15 Nov, 2011 in Cebu
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Carbon Market - Cebu City (5).JPG

There’s something a little creepy about walking around at night by yourself in a strange land through a negatively stereotyped city, but somehow – it’s something I find very hard to resist. In a way, it is only during night time that I truly get the sense of what the city is and as irrational […]

Baltimore - National Aquirium (78).JPG

With only a short day to spend in Baltimore, in a quick getaway from Washington DC, there were decisions to be made. After all, Washington DC hosts some of the world’s best museums, so what can possibly Baltimore do to compete in that area? Well, turns out Baltimore fights back with their National Aquarium, said […]

Dongdaemun - Seoul (12).JPG

Kid flying around with their Taekwondo, street hiphop improvisations, bands playing on stage, DJs throwing mass street parties, and motivation-speakers keeping young crowds tuned. At the Dongdaemun gu, near Hankuk University, I got a really pleasant surprise of running into all that and much more while heading for something completely different. Walking around that main […]

Dragon's Back hike HK island (93).JPG

In my ~2+ years in Hong Kong I’ve done a fair number of hikes, many of them far exceeding my prior expectations of Hong Kong with some really breathtaking scenery. Still, the Dragon’s Back hike has managed to surprise me once again. Taking a visiting Couchsurfer through the dragon back like mountains of southern Hong […]

Northern Beach Siquijor (27).JPG

Ever since I was a kid I imagined what it could have been like growing up on an unspoiled island in a faraway land. I couldn’t perceive a more perfect life, filled with freedom, independence and adventure mixed with some healthy portions of danger and fright. I could see myself running around naked beaches, climbing […]

Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition (2).JPG

If you want to learn how the Shanghai huge metropolitan came to be what it is today and get a glimpse of where it’s headed – then the Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Center building might be very interesting for you to explore. It’s a somewhat narcissistic self promoting view of Shanghai, yet it …

Sukkot 2011

It’s been five years since I last celebrated Sukkot in Israel. Back then it was the beginning of my “Chinese fascination” and on that year I added a few Chinese decorations to create what I declared was Israel’s first Chinese Sukkah. This year had its own special decorations from Hong Kong but what was even […]

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