Apgujeong - Korea (9).JPG

One of the amazing things about Seoul is that in almost every district there are lots of nightlife options. Pedestrian streets packed with attractive young folks occupying an endless selection of pubs, clubs, restaurants, street food eateries, etc. It’s one of the remarkable things about Seoul. I was blown away by how many wonderful nightlife […]

SOHO Central HK (44).JPG

Since I live on the far eastern side of Hong Kong close to Sai Kung, I don’t travel to HK island very often. When I do, it usually isn’t around night time or early morning, so I only very rarely get to see the busy crowded streets of central Hong Kong empty.   …

Arlington National Cemetery - Washington DC (11).JPG

There’s something about national cemeteries that freaks me out. It could be the depersonalization or the pathos, or perhaps just my general inability to cope with collective symbols of death. But there’s no doubt that the American National Cemetery at Arlington (Virginia) near Washington DC is an impressive and depressing site to visit.   …

Xintiandi (3).JPG

If you want to see the old residential Shanghai Shikumen transformed into leisure boutiques, restaurants and shopping, then Xian Tian Di is your place. It has quite a history to it… it’s where the founding fathers of the Communist party sat together to design the takeover and future of modern China. It’s recently gone through […]

23 Oct, 2011 in Cebu
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Yap Sandiego Heritage House - Cebu (2).JPG

Not too sure what to call the Yap Sandiego Heritage House in Cebu City . When I finally found it after venturing uncomfortably on foot through Cebu City I was a bit surprised. True, it was the first “attraction” I saw in the Philippines, but I still wasn’t prepared to the scale of things. …

Empty House 2011 (40).JPG

By word of mouth, from one friend to another, the rumor made it all the way to me – a disconnected visitor from Hong Kong. The old President Hotel in Talbia that has been abandoned for years, was to be overtaken by artists and transformed into an underground music, arts and party scene. That’s something […]

19 Oct, 2011 in Seoul
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Seoul N Tower (47).JPG

What’s one of the must see tourist attractions in any city? You got it. Hong Kong’s got the Sky 100, Taipei’s got the 101, and Korea has the Seoul N Tower. When you get into a new city, it’s always not a bad idea to pay an overpriced ticket to go up some fancy modern […]

Jerusalem - Yum Kippur - 2011 (57).JPG

Yom Kippur in Israel is a phenomenon you’re probably not going to find anywhere else in the world. By law, vehicles are forbidden from traveling the roads giving a feeling of doom – a deserted city with no cars. All the business are closed, TV and radio stations are shut down, the entire country goes […]

11 Oct, 2011 in Cebu
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Fort San Pedro - Cebu City (6).JPG

I’ll try and be honest with you. For the second largest city in the Philippines, there’s really not that much to do in Cebu City as a tourist. But, if you do take the few hours to try and explore this city for what it has to offer, Fort (Fuerza de) San Pedro is probably […]

Western Market - Sheung Wan - HK Island (1).JPG

Down Des Voeux Road crossing Hong Kong Island’s Central area towards Sheung Wan is an old indoor market dating back to the days of old Hong Kong – Western Market. The northern part that remains a shopping area today was constructed a bit later in 1906. It’s a good tourist stop in Sheung …

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