Chocolate Hills Bohol-10.JPG

To get the best of Bohol island in the Filipino Visayas, I rented a motorbike and went for a cross-island trip. At the center of Bohol, about two hours from the entry port of Tagbilaran, are the Chocolate Hills, perhaps Bohol’s most recognizable tourist attraction.   As there were lots of things …

Shenzhen Museum (3).jpg

Shenzhen’s growing fast, really fast. It’s sometimes a bit scary just how quickly things move in this city. Coming in every once in a while from Hong Kong and taking a cab through the city I’m always amazed at how empty spaces are transformed into skyscrapers, roads extended, tunnels built, stadiums erected, all …

Watkins Glen - Finger Lakes - NY-23.JPG

Cruising down through New York State from Buffalo towards Pennsylvania and Washington DC, I got to visit some nice natural spots, but the only hike I did was in the wonderful Watkins Glen State Park climbing up the Finger Lakes. Of all the attractions in the area this was highlighted as a must see by […]

Elephant Hill Guilin (4).JPG

In the most unfortunate weather possible I concluded my disappointing visit to Guilin in the “scenic park” of Elephant Trunk Hill. Can’t win them all, can you? But I’m used to it by now as it seems like most times I go traveling in China I end up being disappointed. Perhaps on a nice clear […]

Golden Bauhinia Square-33.JPG

Someone please explain this to me. For the life of me, I don’t understand why Hong Kong sees the Golden Bauhinia as a tourist attraction. The first time I was in Wan Chai with the HK Walks booklet I followed their suggested path and went all the way – 20 minutes – from Wan Chai […]

Chih Nan Temple Muzha (31).JPG

Up the monkey mountains of Muzha (Houshan, 猴山) on the terrific Maokong Gondola is one of Taipei’s prime temples – Chi Nan Temple – offering superb views of southern Taipei City combined with the cultural atmosphere of the local religions. The temple is dedicated to Lu Dongbin, arguably the leader of the Eight Immortals, who […]

Hershey’s Chocolate World : Pennsylvania

Driving down through Pennsylvania state towards the American capital travel agents were unanimous in their recommendations of this tourist mecca built around one of America’s most recognizable brands. Hershey’s Chocolate World symbolizes everything that American capitalism and branding stands for, the original owner being made a legendary benevolent hero and the company representing the …

Tin Hau Fire Dragon Mid Autumn Festival 2011 (16).JPG

Consider me a real Hong Kong local. I have not missed a single year of the Tin Hau Fire Dragon dance and the Victoria Park (Causeway Bay) Mid Autumn Lantern Festival since I arrived in Hong Kong (2009 ; 2010). In my humble foreign perspective there’s little that captures the local Hong Kong culture more […]

Southern Beach Siquijor (20).JPG

On my second visit to Siquijor I stayed with a resort on the south-western side of the island, hoping to explore a bit more of the southern beaches. After visiting the local waterfalls, watching a local cocking fighting match and drinking a bit of local milk produce at the “Kapanig Island Fresh Milk” I continued […]

Lugnason Falls Siquijor (4).JPG

Not far from Napo and San Juan on the small island of Siquijor in the Filipino Visayas are the Lugnason Falls. Unlike the larger Cambugahay Falls which are considered a prime attraction on Siquijor, the Lugnason Falls nobody really knows about. Not even some of the expatriate living on the island, it seems. You’re also […]

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