map of the balkans

During end of 2010 I did a unplanned trip around the Balkan countries. During the trip I was fortunate to visit some terrific spots, many of them off the beaten tourist track mainly focusing on local religions and historical politics of the last few centuries. Before the tour I knew little about what the Balkans […]

Siquijor Cock Fighting (1).JPG

Not sure why, but somehow I thought it would be a good idea to open the stories about my trip to the Philippines with Cock Fighting. The fact that it includes the word “cock” might have something to do with it, but it’s also probably because it was – by far – the most local […]

Great Falls Washington DC (21).JPG

If you’re looking for a day-trip out of Washington DC with some beautiful natural scenery, then I’d recommend the Great Falls Park. Only 15 miles from the American capital you get to experience the rage of the Potomac River falls, hike scenic surrounding natural trails and also do a bit of rafting or kayaking. …

25 Aug, 2011 in HK Events
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HK book fair 2011 (11).JPG

Every year, during July, we get the same kind of debate surrounding the Hong Kong “international” book fair – should pseudo models be allowed to sell and promote their books on the fair. Every year, during July, I decide to have a peek at the fair hoping to find a gorgeous pseudo model to criticize, […]

PlanetSolar at HKUST-48.JPG

Planet Solar, the solar powered boat that’s circling the world, has taken a short trip away from the Hong Kong harbour in Kowloon to visit us students at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST). HKUST is located near the Sai Kung Peninsula which – aside from the breathing views – also …

Man Mo Temple - Sheung Wan (10).JPG

I’m a sucker for Taoist/Buddhist temples. The stranger they are, the more confusing, bizarre and obscure, the more I enjoy them. Back in Taiwan I spent countless hours wondering between endless colorful and lively temples I had absolutely no idea what they were about and loved every second. Hong Kong has its own fair share […]

19 Aug, 2011 in Bulgaria
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Sofia Bulgaria-15.JPG

It was the first stop on my Balkans trip and my introduction to the area. Though we didn’t stay very long, I did have a chance to catch a night and morning stroll through the center of town and see some of the local architecture…   (photo above is of …

Prizren Kosovo-3.JPG

Prizren is a lovely little town in Kosovo with lots of history, which has surprisingly been able to avoid some of the horrible destruction that went on during the Kosovo wars. The main city area holds a few interesting historical building, and overlooking the city from above is the city fortress dating back to the […]

16 Aug, 2011 in Phnom Penh
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Morning tour - Phnom Pehn (34).JPG

Arriving at any city, at any place in the world, I try to get a feel of the local life by simply talking walks. While this may sound obvious, it’s not always that simple. Being a foreigner in a strange land, you’re not always sure whether it’s really possible to just simply walk around – […]

Anicom HK 2011-75.JPG

Hong Kong news reported that people were lining up upto 3 days before Ani-Com in order to get their hands on collectable rare figurines. It seemed an even bigger attraction than the Japanese AV pornstars and the Cosplay competition.   What’s the big deal about figurines? I’m not sure… but have a look …

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