Tel Aviv beach (20).JPG

One of the nicest things about Tel Aviv are the city beaches. When I was a kid my family, sometimes with my dad’s extended family, would go to Tel Aviv to visit my grandmother on Fridays and spend long hours on the beach, just hanging out and cooling down in the water. Every time I […]

HK Flower Exhibition - Victoria Park -2106.JPG

Three years in a row, they should hand out special persistence awards. During the first few weeks of March Hong Kong held its annual flower exhibition at Victoria Park. I was there in 2009, then again in 2010, and now revisited the exhibition again in 2011 and I still find it to be quite charming. […]

Power Plant - HK Arts Festival 2011 (35).JPG

One of the nice things about living in Hong Kong is that there’s always something going on – sports, concerts, exhibitions, festivals. The last few months Hong Kong has been hosting the 39th arts festival with various art performances around Hong Kong. Aside from all the terrific shows, there are occasionally events that try and […]

Ohel Moishe Synagogue (12).JPG

During the time around the rise of the Nazi party in Germany and the second world war a few tens of thousands of Jews fled from Europe to seek refuge in Shanghai. Shanghai was one of the very few locations around the world willing to accept the escaping Jews, and Ohel Moishe Synagogue was the […]

Maokong Taipei (22).JPG

I recently had the chance to come back to revisit the Maokong Gondola, this time on a much better weather. Away from the clouds and mist I could finally see what was outside, and enjoy the terrific views.   (that’s Chih Nan Temple there, on the mountain on the left) …

My Chih-Nan Temple fortune teller

There’s something comforting about putting your faith in the heavens and asking for guidance from the Gods. Though my background has made me over-skeptic and despite this not being of my religious background I find fortune telling and the ceremonies surrounding it quite magical. I have had close Taiwanese friends for whom I …

Lovcen - Montenegro-1.JPG

Montenegro’s gorgeous, and one of the best places to get to see that from above is Lovcen, the second tallest mountain in Montenegro. It’s no wonder that Petar II Petrović-Njegoš  – Montenegro’s ruler during the 19th  century – chose this spot as the place of his final rest. After seeing it, I get it, it’s […]

12 Mar, 2011 in Jerusalem
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Mahne Yehuda Jerusalem (17).jpg

If you want to see some of Jerusalem’s more local and diverse market culture, Machne Yehuda Market is where you want to go to. In recent years it has moved up from being a low-market outdoors market into a more upscale indoor-outdoor market with coffee shops and restaurants. It’s now a place you don’t only […]

10 Mar, 2011 in Montenegro
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Ulcinj - Montenegro-26.JPG

So why Ulcinj? This little town is where Shabbatai Tzvi – a dominant figure in the regional religious history – ended his life in prison and where some claim is his final resting place. The whole tour was meant to learn more about the local religions and their interaction with Jewish life or those days. […]

8 Mar, 2011 in Montenegro
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Ulcinj - Montenegro-5.JPG

Ulcinj is a nice little town in Montenegro combining beach culture with a pretty old castle and a bit of local history dating back almost 2000 years. It’s not that well known as an international tourist destination but during high season you can expect to see hordes of European & Russian tourists coming in to […]

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