31 Dec, 2010 in Yearly summaries
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So what did 2010 look like? to me, this was a year of exploration and realization. To give you a quick insight into my 2010, here are some of the highlights of my 2010 as it was reflected in my blog posts:   January 2010 I visit Japan for the first time. Tokyo was absolutely […]

Berat Castle Albania-32.JPG

Inside the walls of the Berat Castle, within the area of Saint Maria’s Sleep Church, is the Onufri Museum – named after one of Albania’s finest artists. We had the pleasure of attending a tour of the place given by an attractive local tour-guide who took us through the church and the museum. She explained […]

26 Dec, 2010 in Berat
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Berat Castle Albania-19.JPG

Berat, the Albanian white city, has one major attraction which makes it a very popular among the tourists coming to Albania – the Berat Castle (Berat Kala). Unlike the castle I visited in Kruja which hosts museums, shops and restaurants, Berat Kala is still very much a residential area, offering gorgeous views of the area […]


Music perhaps serves as the strongest reminder that I’m still – to some extent – Israeli. If there’s something I truly miss being away from Israel is Israeli music and having the chance to go to live concerts where I can listen to artists, preferably up close and in person. Music is so strongly embedded […]

Berat Albania-9.JPG

Our explorations of the Balkan religions somehow always seemed to revolve around the topic of the exotic Bektashim religion and finally brought us to a tiny hidden gem in the outskirts of Alabnia, a town called Berat (or Berati). Generally speaking, Bektashism is a mysticism oriented Muslim Sufi order which was quite influential during the […]

View from eastern Jerusalem-5.JPG

Somehow, Jerusalem looks a bit different from different angles, and unfortunately many Israelis – due to what I perceive as somewhat ignorant political sensitivities – don’t make the effort to try and take a look at this city from the eastern side. It’s a shame, really, as the eastern side of Jerusalem, up on Mount […]

15 Dec, 2010 in Shanghai
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Old Town Shanghai (15).JPG

One of Shanghai’s interesting Chinese areas that’s a bit different than your usual Shanghai European colonial meets urban monstrosities, is Shanghai’s Old Town. Probably one of the world’s most crowded places during the weekends, giving HK’s Mongkok a good fight, expect to get the authentic feel of sweaty Chinese masses rubbing and shoving against you […]

Luo Dong (16).JPG

Taiwan’s National Center for Traditional Arts (NCTA) set at Luodong in Yilan County is not often visited by tourists, but it’s worth a visit if you’re in the area.  Built to preserve the Taiwanese traditional arts, the park offers a variety of art performances, and an introduction on all that’s Taiwanese culture related. …

Lung Ha Wan Country Trail HK-47.JPG

Heading out from the Clearwater Bay Country Park after doing the circular Clearwater Bay Tree Walk,  we proceeded to the Lung Ha Wan Country Trail with scenic views of Clearwater Bay in all directions from a 290m peak – Tai Leng Tung. If you still think Hong Kong’s about skyscrapers and urban insanity then this […]

Clearwater Bay Tree Walk HK-16.JPG

One gorgeous weekend a few of us from HKUST set out for a short hike not too far away from the university at Clear Water Bay. First stop – Clear Water Bay Country Park which offers a really nice family hangout of BBQ and kite flying area surrounded by the very short and enjoyable Clear […]

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