Chinese guy (Chao) meets a Jewish guy (Parker). This has got to be one of the funniest things I’ve watched recently (reminded me of Judy Alive and Borat). You just got to see this. Steroid stereotypes ^_^ Loving that HK English accent…     Watch these videos : …

Mid Autumn Festival Causeway Bay 2010 (16).JPG

The Hong Kong Lantern Festival at Victoria Park-Causeway Bay wouldn’t be complete without the Tin Hau Fire Dragon Festival. I also went to the Tin Hau Fire Dragon Festival last year and it was terrific, probably one of the more exciting local cultural events in Hong Kong.     The …

Mid Autumn Festival Causeway Bay 2010 (11).JPG

Hong Kong ran the annual Mid-Autumn Lantern Festival 2010 at Causeway Bay’s Victoria Park and sure enough – I was there, again (see Mid Autumn Lantern Festival @Victoria Park HK from 2009). Debate about all you want about Chinese culture’s main symbols, but you can’t really not like lantern, can you? especially when they come […]

Bella Gaia–Poetic Vision of Earth from Space @HKUST

Bella Gaia, “Beautiful Earth” Multimedia Arts show on the “poetic vision of earth from space”, took place at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology on October 19th. I’ve been studying with this university for over 1.5 years but I’ve never seen the outdoor amphitheater been used for anything, and always thought it could […]

Ohrid Macedonia (48).JPG

To give you a taste of the history behind the wonderful city of Ohrid in Macedonia (near the gorgeous Ohrid Lake), I present to you – Saint Pantheleimon Monastery, also known as Saint Clement Monastery, both names indicative of the vast history taking place in Ohrid.   …

18 Oct, 2010 in Macedonia
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Ohrid Macedonia (67).JPG

One of the main attractions of Ohrid in Macedonia is the beautiful Ohrid Lake. Deep blue fresh water, with terrific weather all almost all year around, I’d say this is gotta be one of the best spots for a vacation in the Balkans. Swim, chill, take a boat-ride, or visit the historically endless Ohrid, it’s […]

Ohrid Macedonia (54).JPG

Ohrid was one of the nicest surprises in my visit to the Balkans. Set about 700 meters above sea level next to a gorgeous natural fresh-water Ohrid lake, this spot enjoys terrific weather all year around and absolutely stunning panorama views (reminded me of Sun Moon Lake in central Taiwan). But it doesn’t stop there, […]

Strumica Macedonia-13.JPG

Located in eastern Macedonia, close to the border with Bulgaria, is the quiet little town of Strumica. It was mainly intended as a night stop-over (staying at Sirius Hotel), but it turned out the area does have something to offer and the morning tour arranged with a local tour company was rather enjoyable.   …

Kruja Albania-41.JPG

Not too far away from the Kruje Castle and Skanderbeg National Museum is the National Ethnographic Museum featuring cultural exhibitions of Albanian traditional life.     The biggest attraction in this place, by far, is the lovely tour-guide who uses well rehearsed Albanian style English to demonstrate …

Jiufen Chiufen - Taipei County-49.JPG

On a cloudy rainy day in Taiwan I finally had the chance to go to a place I’ve been wanting to go to for years – Jiufen (Chiufen, Jioufen, 九份, Jiǔfèn), an hour east from Taipei. Lucky for me, the longer I stayed up there, the clearer it became, finally giving way to gorgeous views […]

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