The importance of studying Chinese - Israeli Prime Minster

The current Israeli prime minister – Benjamin Netayahu – spoke at the last Israeli Business Convention and elaborated the importance of introducing Chinese studies to the Israeli education system. I’ve known about this for quite a while, but I finally got around to listen to his speech.     Here’s …

Growing Chinese studies trend - Israel

3 years after I wrote about the first signs of the Israeli Chinese studies trend and there are signs that the trend is still going strong (see “The Chinese Language Studies Trend in Israel” and “Channel 2 story : Israelis studying Chinese” for more info). Every once in a while, Israeli news channels rediscover this […]

Shanghai Qibao (21).JPG

When you picture old China, what comes to mind? If you want to feel more of old Chinese-style Shanghai you need to move away from the colonial areas and the modern skyscrapers and venture onto the water towns surrounding Shanghai City. While there are quite a few water town options, the closest one to central […]

22 Aug, 2010 in Bulgaria
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Rila Monastery Bulgaria-3.JPG

Nearing the end of a quick trip to the Balkans, and just before heading back through the Sofia airport, I visited Rila Monastry. High up in the mountains, through traitorous roads, is a beautiful fort-like monastery, which has one of the most spectacular inner halls I’ve ever seen in a monastery, full of symbols, stories […]

Chinese Red Army Orchestra Vintage Lipsynced Parodies

  Taking the net by a storm are videos of the Chinese Red Army lipsynced to popular modern, and many of them western, songs. Scenes taken from the Long March Song Cycle movie (长征组歌) from back in 1976 are edited to create terrific parodies that give new meanings to the songs. …

Shenzhen 096.JPG

Fairly Lake is a beautiful scenic nature spot in Shenzhen, well worth a day out of exploration. Aside from the Hongfa Temple, there are endless attractions for the family, museums, botanical gardens, a lake, pagodas and much more. You can easily wonder around for hours. Here’s from their official website : …

Shenzhen 051.JPG

Every now and again, I’m surprised with what I find in Shenzhen. In one of my recent visits to Shenzhen, I went to visit the Fairy Lake area and found it be an absolutely gorgeous place and a real nature jewel. One of the many attractions in that area is the Hong Fa Temple [弘法寺], […]

Fulong Beach - Sand Festival - Taiwan-44.JPG

Fulong, aside from having a wonderful beach, also hosts an annual Fulong Sand Sculpture Festival (福隆沙雕藝術季). Artists come from all over Taiwan to carve their art into the sand, spending hours in the sun to get things right to their smallest details. The result, as you can see below, is spectacular. I don’t think I’ve […]

Fulong Beach - Sand Festival - Taiwan-55.JPG

Turns out you don’t have to travel to the east coast and Kending to find beautiful white-sand beaches in Taiwan. As far as I can tell – Fulong beach, in the north-eastern part of Taiwan, does a fair job at competing with the Kending beaches.     Wikipedia introduces …


The Gay Pride Parade 2010 titled “Marching for Equality” was held in Jerusalem during July this year to mark the one year anniversary of the Bar-Noar shooting incident. Jerusalem Post has the intro: Under a stream of rainbow-colored flags and amongst a consortium of different participants, nearly 3,000 …

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