27 May, 2010 in Tel Aviv - Yaffo
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The Jaffa Flea Market, or Shuk Hapispishim (שוק הפישפשים), is a really fun market featuring all sorts of interesting people and shops selling just about anything. From utterly useless junk to up-market Judaica and art, you can find it all there, and depending on your bargaining skills – for relatively cheap. I can’t guarantee how […]

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Tel Aviv Harbor (AKA Namal Tel Aviv) has reemerged in recent years as one of the best hangout spots in Tel Aviv. Renovated in 2001, it now boosts over 60 restaurants, fashion boutiques, bars, pubs and various businesses, which make it – altogether – a really nice place to wonder around or go out. …

Neve Tzedek - Israel (10).JPG

Neve Tsedek is one of my favorite parts of Tel Aviv, with a special magical charm that’s difficult not to fall in love with. It is a residential area, but there are alot of art galleries, high-quality chic coffee shops, boutique hotels, health food stores, and walking around you can immediately see it has a […]

Mini Israel - Latrun (51).JPG

Always wanted to see all the attractions in Israel but never had the time? then make the time, because Mini Israel in Latrun will most definitely not help you with that. In one of the most awful tourist traps I’ve ever visited, Mini Israel is everything a tourist attraction of this sort should NOT be. […]

Mount Meron - Northern Israel 

1208 meters above sea level, Mount Meron is one of Israel’s tallest mountains. On my family tour to northern Israel, we stayed an over-night in the area, and woke up the next day to an unbelievably gorgeous weather and one of Israel’s finest views topped with a fine delicate cream of clouds hovering above. On […]

North Israel & Assaf 

There’ve been complaints, repeating ongoing complaints, that my personal blog rarely has anything personal. Hell, it rarely has any people in it. It’s true, I guess, I do try and maintain my friends’ privacy, but when it comes to my family – there’s no escape. During Easter, I went back from Hong Kong to …

Sharp Island - Kiu Tsui Chau 

Kiu Tau (橋頭) is a small island connected to Sharp Island (Kiu Tsui) by a tombolo. The fun thing about this tombolo is that it’s only visible when the water is low, only letting you pass through to Kiu Tau during low tide. If you catch the right moment, you can walk across and it […]

Sharp Island Sai Kung 

Sharp Island, a 10-minute boat trip from Sai Kung town or HKUST, is a lovely get-away from the hustle-bustle of school/city. Mostly empty, even on the busy weekends, and with some fine quiet beaches and a nice hiking trail. The HK government website introduces : Sharp Island has gained …

Kau Sai Chau (9).JPG

Kau Sai Chau’s Golf Course is as good as it gets with public golf courses. Set in the beautiful scenery of Sai Kung Peninsula, looking terrific from my university (HKUST) not too far away, people might go there to golf – but the view and the settings is what makes it special. There are other […]

Che Kung Temple (26).JPG

I really enjoy visiting large temples and Che Kung Temple in HK’s Sha Tin area is a good reminder of what I’ve come to adore. Brings back good memories of Taiwan. Interestingly, the smaller temple dates back as early as the 17th century, probably as far back as you can get in either Hong Kong […]

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