31 Mar, 2010 in Hangzhou
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The Hangzhou authorities have generally done a good job with the Hangzhou hotels and hostels are located. Which, coming down to the southern part of the lake, leads to the Liuhe Pagoda with panoramic views of the lake from above. …

Hangzhou Qu Yuan Garden 

Around Chinese New Year I took some time off from Hong Kong to discover a bit more of China, this time Hangzhou in Zhejiang province. The most famous spot in Hangzhou is West Lake, which I first heard about when I visited the gorgeous Sun Moon Lake in Taiwan. “You like Sun Moon Lake? wait […]

Flower Show 2010 055.JPG

During the Hong Kong Flower Show @Victoria Park I came across something really interesting – posted thanksgiving cards. Most of them were in Chinese, but every here and there I found an English card, and they were very interesting to read. Since they were posted in the public, I hope they’ll excuse me posting them […]

Flower Show 2010 044.JPG

It’s been a year since the Hong Kong Flower Festival 2009 at Victoria Park, and once again the HK government is running the flower show at Victoria Park in Causeway Bay. Here’s from the Leisure and Cultural Services Department : The Hong Kong Flower Show is a major event organised …

Tai Kok Tsui Temple Fair 2010 

Ever wondered what a 500 feet dragon would look like?  Tai Kok Tsui Temple Fair is an annual Hong Kong event at the local Hung Shing temple in Kowloon running various Chinese cultural performances for a whole day. The highlight of the day, in the evening, is the 500 feet dragon dance. …

Government House - Central - 
HK (43).JPG

March 7th marked the annual Hong Kong Government House Open Day where the people of HK are invited to visit the British colonial governor’s house. Here’s from the official website : Government House continues to be accessible to the public by means of an Open Day, instituted in 1968. The ever-popular …

Hong Kong Chinese New Year 
Fair 2010 046.JPG

There were various festivals and fairs in Hong Kong during Chinese New Year. One of the annual fairs is the open market  taking place in Victoria Park in Causeway Bay. Nothing I’ve seen in Hong Kong so far came that close to a Taiwan/China style night-market in the liveliness and energy. High-school kids were …

Cross Galactical Relationships : the movie Avatar

In the last 11 days I’ve shared some of the responses I got from a survey I conducted during 2008 about Cross-Cultural Relationships. The survey was inspired by a book called “One Couple – Two Cultures : 81 western-Chinese couples talk about love and marriage” by Dan Waters, which is a terrific read about …


Are cross cultural relationships really any different from same-culture relationships? In what way? At the end of 2008 I conducted an open-survey about cross-cultural relationships, inviting my open and willing blog readers to share their experiences of CCRs. This series of posts highlights some of what the participants shared about their cross cultural …

Opportunities – Cross Cultural Relationships #10

What are some of the opportunities that open up when in a cross cultural relationship? Do those in cross cultural relationships take full advantage of those opportunities? At the end of 2008 I conducted an open-survey about cross-cultural relationships, inviting my open and willing blog readers to share their experiences of CCRs. This …

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