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Hong Kong is working hard at developing the Victoria Harbour as a prime tourist and cultural attraction. The local government is investing around 3 billion US$ into redefining West Kowloon as a culture hub, in a 4-5 years project.   Here’s a bit from the recent news about the plans for the area …

West Kowloon 002.JPG

Elements shopping mall, located in the Kowloon MTR station in western Kowloon just upstairs from Airport Express going towards the airport, can compete for Hong Kong’s grandest. Going through the shopping mall, which I heard nothing about before arriving there, I was very pleasantly surprised. I’ve seen some nice malls in Hong Kong, some of […]

Kadoori Farm HK-96.JPG

Set just next to Hong Kong’s tallest mountain, overlooking the new territories as far as Shenzhen are the Kadoorie Farm & Botanical Gardens. It’s a gorgeous little spot and it’s very well done, with beautiful gardens, a small animal collection to get the kids excited and a terrific guided bus tour that takes you all […]

Kadoori Farm HK-21.JPG

Kadoorie Farms & Botanical Gardens is a magical spot up in the northern territories of Hong Kong dedicating a huge area for botanical gardens. Here’s from Wikipedia: Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Garden (Chinese: 嘉道理農場暨植物園), formerly known as Kadoorie Experimental and Extension Farm (嘉道理試驗及推廣農場), or shortly Kadoorie Farm (嘉道理農場) is a farm …

17 Feb, 2010 in Istanbul
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Church of St Savior in Chora 
Kariye Camii Chora Museum Istanbul-1.JPG

Somehow surviving the takeover by Islam, the byzantine church of Saint Savior in Chora managed to preserve most of it former beauty. It’s world renowned as one of the best preservations of a church dating back to Constantinople around the end of 4th beginning of 5th century. It’s as beautiful on the outside… …

15 Feb, 2010 in Istanbul
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Ortakoy Mosque 

If you needed more proof how stunning Istanbul’s mosques are, Ortakoy Mosque will do it for sure. Take a look at this Ortakoy Mosque down-up panorama (bet you didn’t see many of those)… Perfection. It doesn’t get much better than this.     …

13 Feb, 2010 in Israel
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Habonim beach-1.JPG

In my last visit to Israel I went with a friend and his family to do some BBQing in a beach a bit up-north Habonim Beach. It was a lovely little beach, with lots of beautiful nature and sea-life. Most people outside of Israel usually don’t know that Israel has some really terrific beaches. …

Pat Sin Leng hiking trail New 
Territories HK-116.JPG

Hong Kong has some spectacular nature. Every time I go hiking in Hong Kong it just takes my breath away. This one, Pat Sing Leng Country Park, north-east of Hong Kong’s New Territories, is one of the tougher ones I’ve done. Rated difficulty 4 and going for 12.5km across a range of mountain tops, I […]

7 Feb, 2010 in HK Places
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Kowloon Walled City HK-18.JPG

A Qing dynasty style garden was put in place to replace one of Hong Kong’s worst urban atrocities, and what a lovely little place that is. Pavilions, pagodas, gardens, streams, ponds and small waterfalls, the little park is a hidden gem. A stroll in the park during evening time is especially magical… …

5 Feb, 2010 in HK Places
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Stitch resting after a long hike - Lamma Island

Although a while back, Stitch’s visit to Lamma Island shall not be forgotten. It’s been quite a few weeks since two lovely gals and myself accompanied Stitch for his visit to Hong Kong’s Lamma Island.   …

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