30 Jan, 2010 in Hong Kong
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Garret Mclarke

Garret Clarke, a talented young photographer I’ve had the pleasure of shortly studying with at Taiwan, has recently visited Hong Kong. I’ve been meaning to try and promote some of his work and the artistic side projects I saw him do across Taiwan’s Tainan, but it’s only after I came across some of the recent […]

HK Serviced Apartments - Short-term Family Accommodation

Looking for a serviced apartment short-term option in Hong Kong? I was too. My family was looking into the option of coming to visit Hong Kong for a week, and the university guest apartments were full, so I embarked on a journey of finding out what short-term apartment accommodation options Hong Kong has to offer. […]

Peninsula Hotel Tsim Sha Tsui HK (25).JPG

Care for some English style tea at British colonial Hong Kong? Head down over to The Peninsula hotel at Tsim Sha Tsui, one of the most well-known and established institutions in Hong Kong.     Is it a gorgeous building. One of the Hong Kong harbour highlights. (check out just how much this costs for […]

Tokyo trip summary & 6 days recommended itinerary

Tokyo’s a terrific city, well worth a few days of exploration. To sum up my trip to Japan, following is a summary of my visit to Japan’s Tokyo, suggesting a recommended itinerary for those interested.     Tip – I wrote a post for some cheap budget hotel …

Shibuya Crossing Tokyo's Times Square

Tokyo can get expensive, very expensive, especially for accommodation, but if you do your research and plan ahead you don’t have to go broke booking a hotel. If you’re anything like me – traveling on a budget but well beyond hostels with shared rooms/toilet, then the following might help. All options include a room equipped […]

Central Tokyo (5).JPG

The imperial palace in central Tokyo is really beautiful. Atleast, that’s what I heard. Only the gardens were open since being an ordinary tourist does not grant you entrance to the actual palace, unless you happen to arrive on one of the two days when the palace is open to the general public. Still, you […]

Tsukijishijo Fish Market (1).JPG

I’m not sure why, but the Tsukiji Fish Market (Tsukijishijo) is considered one of Tokyo’s prime attractions. The myth built around the biggest fishing market in the world is that you can’t miss going there early in the morning, 5-6am, to catch the auctioning, and then enjoy a Sushi breakfast at one of the local […]

16 Jan, 2010 in Tokyo
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The Japanese are famous for their hotsprings obsession and so Tokyo’s full of public bathes (sentos), big and small, private and public, some of which enjoy a steady stream of natural hotsprings (onsens). One of the more up-market posh options for hotsprings in Tokyo and a recommended spot by many recent guidebooks is the LaQau […]

Ueno Park (17).JPG

Ueno (上野) is one of my favorite areas in Tokyo. Just next to the Ueno station is the Ueno Park (上野公園 Ueno-kōen) which serves some of the major attractions in Tokyo – the Ueno Zoo, Tokyo National Museum, National Science Museum,  the Shinobazu Pond (不忍池 Shinobazu-ike) with plenty other museums and gorgeous little temples, not […]

Japan - Tokyo - Nishi Nippori (4).JPG

Tokyo’s Nishi Nippori is a lovely area a bit off the main tourist track that offers a more traditional laid-back Japanese atmosphere. Abound with gorgeous little temples, old cemeteries and family owned little shops and restaurants, the area between Nishi-Nippori and Nippori is my type of place. The Lonely Planet and Frommer’s have good …

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