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Last concluding part about Tai O Village to introduce the last of the social groups in Tai O Village. There are those who live on land, those who live on houses constructed above water, and those who live on their boats – the fishermen.   Meet our very own fisherman, a handsome local …

24 Nov, 2009 in Macau
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Nope, the tour to Macau is not over yet. Although we’ve already been to St. Paul’s Cathedral Ruins, St. Dominic’s Cathedral, A-Ma Temple, the Venetian, City of Dreams and other Macau treats, there’s still lots to see. Up from Senado Square and next to St. Paul’s is Monte Fort (otherwise known as Fortaleza …

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Having visited some of Hong Kong’s other side at the fishing village of Tai O in the west of HK’s Lantau Island and contemplating Tai O’s boat people’s lives, here’s a bit more of the local life. The first thing you come across when you arrive at Tai O Village is the more standard local […]

Between Cultures – Social Network Map HK, China, Taiwan & Israel

Social network maps do a great job of giving you information you usually don’t come across which summarizes big stories into easily interpretable graphs. Having being part of Facebook for quite some time now, I think it’s been long enough for me to find and connect to the majority of those who I know or […]

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The inhabitants of Hong Kong’s western Lantau island little Tai O Village could be separated into two, of perhaps three, general groups of people – the boat people, with those living on houses constructed on the river and fishermen living on boats, and the land people. A foreigner visiting the place might not be sensitive […]

Tai O Village Lantau Island-60.JPG

Tai O Village, located at the western side of Hong Kong’s Lantau Island is a quiet little fishing town that contrasts all that’s stereotypical Hong Kong. Very simple life, some parts almost poverty stricken, mainly based on fishing, Tai O Village puts you back into perspective. Not too far away from the gigantic wholesale malls […]

Wong Tai Sin Temple-34.JPG

One of the busiest temples in Hong Kong and a well known tourist attraction is the Sik Sik Yuen Wong Tai Sin Temple.   Though I’ve visited the Wong Tai Sin temple a few times before, it’s always interesting for me to be reminded of what my life at Tainan used to …

HK Wetland Park 014.JPG

The Hong Kong Wetland Park is a bizarre combination of nature and museum concrete in a way that only Hong Kong can pull off successfully. Located at Tin Shui Wan, close to the HK Shenzhen border, far away from where most …

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