HKUST campus : Study in Hong Kong

This is a follow-up post to a previous post “The International Student Experience in Hong Kong (& HKUST)” after I received a few questions and queries by email. I’ll try to address those each topic at the time. Disclaimer – Please note that my perspective is limited …

Hong Kong Heritage Museum.JPG

HKUST organized a tour this last Saturday to see a terrific exhibition at the Hong Kong Heritage Museum called "The Golden Age of Couture: Paris and London 1947–1957".   It’s a brilliant exhibition. Photography is not allowed …

Festival Walk shopping mall - Kowloon Tong-60.JPG

Hong Kong has one of the most impressive selection of shopping malls I’ve seen anywhere. It’s somehow well embedded in the local culture and the local way of life and so almost every MTR subway station has one if not two or three large shopping malls attached to it or closely nearby. While visiting …

HK Arts Center Wan-Chai - Street Music Concert V-2.JPG

HK Arts Center in Wan Chai has a neat series of street concerts just outside the culture center building that’s been running for a while now. The Hong Kong Arts Centre (香港藝術中心), mind you, runs an English Facebook group with the latest information about the events that they’re holding, and so I learned of the […]

22 Sep, 2009 in Israel
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Google Tel Aviv-7.JPG

One of my good friends in Israel has been working in Google Israel for quite some time now. When I came to visit him in my recent visit to Israel he took me up to see Google’s Tel Aviv office and the stunning views of southern Tel Aviv. The working environment in Google, as should […]

21 Sep, 2009 in Jerusalem
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Jerusalem Old City Rooftop Tour-51.JPG

While shortly visiting my hometown a month back I went on a terrific tour of Jerusalem’s old city called “Jerusalem’s Old City Root Top Tour” showing Jerusalem through walking up to the old city’s well known roof tops that give a slightly different perspective to the city. And so… welcome to Jerusalem’s old city! … […]


Being a foreigner in HK (& previously in Taiwan) sometimes gets me into some amusing conversations. One day, as I was working on some data in the research room I got a Facebook chat request (through Digsby)  from a girl I don’t know who added me as a friend. After we had the following …

Bosphorus River Cruise-64.JPG

Istanbul has a mix of Europe and Asia and the Bosphorus is the strait that lies between the two parts. The Bosphorus connects the northern Black Sea with the southern Sea of Marmara which is connected to the Mediterranean Sea. How lucky is Istanbul to have such beauty. On one of the …

Hamdi Restorant Istanbul-5.JPG

In a strange way, Turkish food reminded me how Israeli I am, or rather – how Middle Eastern, or maybe Mediterranean I am. After a few years of being confined to Asian food or Asian variants of food from other places of the world, Istanbul hit me with the best of the real thing. The […]

Blue Mosque Istanbul.JPG

The Blue Mosque and Hagia Sophia, located at Istanbul’s old city and within walking distance from one another, are gorgeous landmarks of Turkish history and architecture. …

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