Chinese Censorship and China's Online Netizens Social Movements

Outline Internet has revolutionized the way people communicate and act together as a group, theoretically allowing more power to individuals and groups to access information, share thoughts and promote personal and social agenda. China has also seen tremendous penetration of Internet related technologies and usage. The following …

When you have nightmares of wet floors.

My little sister sent me her short list of "you know you’re in Hong Kong when…" summarizing some of her cross-cultural observations as a tourist in Hong Kong. Have a look (with some minor adjustments) : When you have nightmares of wet floors. …

Recommended Cheap & Affordable Budget Accommodation in Hong Kong

Finding a decent accommodation in Hong Kong can be tricky, and I frequently get questions from friends and colleagues coming to Hong Kong and looking for a cheap and affordable budget accommodation. [UPDATE 06/08/2013] Timeout has a list of Hong Kong’s best love motels. Laugh all you want, but some of those offer an amazing […]

beautiful Hong Kong at night

  (last updated March 2013, see the Hong Kong summary post for summary of posts about HK, see the Hong Kong category for more recent posts on HK)   Following is a summary of the posts of my little sister’s visit to Hong Kong. Symphony of Lights @ Avenue of Stars in Tsim Sha Tsui […]

Shani Hong Kong Day 9 - Ferry-2.JPG

My sister’s flight back was in the afternoon, so I was trying to think – what can we do in the morning on the way to the airport. Recent news announced a brand new attraction in Hong Kong – a huge Noah’s Ark to biblical scale on Ma Wan island. Looking at the website, I […]

Shani visits HK - day 2 - Longham Palace Mongkok.JPG

Hong Kong has some gigantic malls. One of my favorite monstrosities is Longham Place in Mongkok where I sometimes go for movies or to get away for some aircon coffee from the busy noisy Mongkok streets.   …

Shani day 8 - Abeerdin.JPG

I’m not entirely sure why, but Aberdeen is on most of the tourist guidebooks as a Hong Kong top attraction. I’ve never really considered the concept of a floating restaurant or a dinner sail too appealing, but since we were in Stanley anyways, we thought we’d drop by and have a look. …

Shani day 8 - On the way to Stanley-4.JPG

Weather forecast alerted that it’s going to be a rainy day, but we decided to go against odds and visit the Stanley market to see if we can find some nice souvenirs to bring back home and tour the area a bit. It took about 2+ hours to get to Stanley from my university …

20 Jun, 2009 in HK Places
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Shani day 7 - Clear Water Bay beach-2.JPG

On our 7th day together, after a few hectic days of running around Hong Kong, all my little sister wanted was to chill-out at the beach. Not too far away from the university are the lovely Sai Kung Clear Water Bay beaches. My sister was very surprised as to just how clear the …

19 Jun, 2009 in HK Attractions
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Shani day 6 - Ocean Park Hong Kong-26.JPG

It’s hard to say what Ocean Park is. Is it an amusement park? a zoo? an aquarium sea-world? while there is some problem defining what it is, there’s no doubt it’s  terrific fun and a wonderful day out in Hong Kong. I’ll start off with one of the best videos I ever took. (I hope […]

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