Asian Flower Art Exhibition 2009-40.JPG

Ikebana, or flower arrangement, is a highly appreciated form of art in these parts of the world. Hong Kong recently had a small exhibition of local HK and international Ikebana artwork with the Asian Flower Art Exhibition 2009. Following are some of the nicer examples of the beautiful Ikebana at the exhibition : …

Hong Kong Global Education

South China Morning Post recently came out with a series of fascinating articles on the state of education in Hong Kong. As Hong Kong struggles to become an international education hub, HK media is reporting on the overwhelmingly increasing number of non-local students dominating the research positions in Hong Kong’s top universities. What does …

24 May, 2009 in HK Events
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Hong Kong International Art Fair 2009-83.JPG

An event like the Hong Kong International Art Fair 2009 is one of the great things about living in Hong Kong. I really enjoy the fact that I’m now living in a much more international and fashionable city with endless world-class events happening around the year. This event definitely had alot to get …

Chinese University of Hong Kong-23.JPG

I went to visit Chinese University of Hong Kong the other week for a day seminar with some local and mainland students and could appreciate one of Hong Kong’s top universities for the first time (update : Chinese University of Hong Kong was recently ranked as Asia’s 2nd best university). They surprised me with a […]

MacLehose Trail Stage II-120.JPG

You won’t believe it’s Hong Kong, you really won’t. I didn’t. It’s so beautiful and so different from the classic misconception of what Hong Kong is about that I just couldn’t believe I was seeing this in Hong Kong. There’s so much natural beauty in Hong Kong, comparable to some of the most beautiful places […]

14 May, 2009 in HK Places
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Sai Kung fresh fish-10.JPG

Hong Kong folks like their seafood fresh and Sai-Kung is one of small places where you can really appreciate just how much. Along the boardwalk is a long series of sea food restaurants where you can pick out your live sea food straight from the water containers. …

Top Asian Academic Universities in World University Rankings 2009

Trying to figure out the top ranking universities in Asia? Let me help you out. Following is the best of the top world university rankings for the Asian academic universities analyzed for year 2009. Many of the leading rankings for 2009 still didn’t come out, but since I’ve been asked about this, …

12 May, 2009 in HK Places
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Clear Water Bay Beach 2 Hong Kong (2).JPG

Hong Kong is famous for many things, but not many tourists consider it much of a nature destination, especially not when it comes to nice beaches. In the few months that I’ve lived in Hong Kong’s Sai Kung area, my perception of Hong Kong has been completely transformed. Hong Kong hosts some terrific nature spots […]

10 May, 2009 in Guangzhou
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Guangzhou Pearl River.JPG

Seeing how well-developed some parts of Guangzhou are was both impressive and sad. There’s no doubt that Guangzhou exceeded any prior expectations I had regarding how modern and well-organized things were going to be, but deep inside it was the other China I was more into – simple life, perhaps more authentic, with the beauty […]

Guangzhou street life-10.JPG

One of the most enjoyable things for me being in a new place is walking around and simply observing people. There’s just so much beauty in the simple things of everyday life routines, especially that of a different culture, that makes it fascinating for me to watch. Following are some of the interesting lives …

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