30 Sep, 2008 in Taichung
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Folk Park Taichung-8.JPG

While in Taichung, I went to visit a little local park they simply call “Folk park”. It’s an old Taiwanese residence, I think, a bit like Lin Family House up in Taipei, featuring… Chinese style garden and ponds… …

Fine Art Museum Taichung.JPG

A short while after coming back to Taiwan, I went to see Taichung for the first time. I’ve heard so much about Taichung being “the most livable city in Taiwan” that I was really curious what it would be like. As for tourist attractions – on the way there I asked a friend in the […]

Probably among the most relaxing things to watch. This is from my trip to the east coast, near Chishang – famous for its quality rice. Absolutely gorgeous.  I love the endless rice fields in Taiwan’s country side, laid out in stunning valley scenery between tall mountains. (Mark feel the same way)

Love Kaohsiung Music Festival 愛戀高雄 : Old Taiwanese Songs

A few days ago I went to a music festival “Sunset on Sizihwan Bay and fall in love with Kaoshiung” (愛戀高雄). It was the last day of a long running festival going from the 6th of July till the 31st of August, featuring free parking, free water-banana and kayak rides and open performances of some […]

4 Sep, 2008 in Tainan
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Taiwan night street food

Feeling hungry late at night? happens to me alot, but luckily – there’s a lot of street food in Taiwan. Anybody for some 小吃? The ones I really like are the “food trucks”. At the street corner surrounding NCKU and important interjections in Tainan are a few semi-permanent food trucks that serve different types of […]

2 Sep, 2008 in Kaohsiung
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Cheng Ching Lake Kaohsiung.jpg

Went for a very quick visit in Kaohsiung the other day and stopped for lunch at the lovely Cheng Ching lake, stretching out at the north-east side of Kaohsiung with lovely pagodas and parks.          I really missed the endless variety of food in Taiwan…  

“Made in Tainan” Live Music Festival at Anping

“Made in Tainan” took place last Saturday at the Anping harbor area in western Tainan. Tainan Bulletin had the following : 14:00~14:50 Sun Of Morning 15:00~15:50 Bugs Of Phonon …

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