30 Nov, 2007 in Taiwan

It’s been almost a month since I received an email from a reader pointing me to an English article in Haaretz, my favorite Israeli newspaper, called “Our moral nakedness” : […] In other words, a casus belli that has everyone trembling. The UN secretary general, who received Chen’s official request to join, has not even […]

27 Nov, 2007 in Taipei
Gorgeous Taipei city from Taipei 101-1.JPG

I’m a big city kind’o guy, and I just love Taipei. Some of my fellow expats think I’m insane for saying that – “what the f&!k can you possibly like about a dump like Tai-bei?” one asked me at the Armory yesterday, and I simply responded – “I’m not sure, I think everything”. With the […]

I can’t get enough of the Tainanese temple celebration madness. I previously mentioned “Taiwanese culture : Temple Parade in Tainan-Taiwan” and “Temple action in Taiwan – Longshan Taipei and Confucius Tainan”, but what I saw today was, hands down, the most spectacular of the temple celebrations I’ve seen. Yep, still have absolutely no clue what […]

I don’t get any of it, I really don’t. I ask the Taiwanese that I know ALOT of questions, but aside from having language barriers, it seems that the new generation I meet can not explain most of what I ask about. That’s not very surprising, as I find that when people ask me about the […]

2 Nov, 2007 in Taiwan
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Modern toilet Tainan-9.JPG

First week in Tainan my previous Chinese teacher gave up a cultural presentation on some of Taiwan’s popular culture and that’s when I was first introduced to the concept of a toilet restaurant. I read about it in a few blogs around Taiwan, like the latest interesting Wasai project, but didn’t have a chance to […]

1 Nov, 2007 in Taiwan
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Special Taiwanese food market.JPG

Almost everyday I encounter things here in Tainan-Taiwan that are strange, funny, and a bit special about the way that the Taiwanese do things. This is actually the second part to the “Taiwanese peculiarities and interesting anecdotes” I posted before, but I’ve already mentioned quite a few others, like my visit to the Shao-lin Kung-Fu master and “Worship […]

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